The Wall

My Generation

In my generation (Generation X), Pink Floyd wanted us to tare down walls – mainly ones that we put up ourselves. We were happy when the Berlin wall came down. The only wall we really liked was the one in China. But that wall was in a lot of good movies and a popular travel spot.

President Trump’s Wall

So what about that wall? I’m guessing that some, maybe many, in my generation will consider it bad. I mean, it isn’t going to be cheap to build, which means higher taxes or more debt or maybe both. What’s to keep people from climbing over it? What’s to keep people from digging a tunnel underneath it? Are we also going to have a wall up North eventually?

On the other hand, maybe none of the above will happen. Maybe the wall will prevent Mexicans from crossing into the U.S. illegally. Maybe the illegal drugs will lessen. Maybe the rich that use illegals for cheap labor will pay for the wall to be built. Wait a minute… Maybe the state of Arizona will contribute extra funds to pay for the wall to be built. Maybe this is a good thing but some people in my generation, me included, don’t see it.

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